Highly recommend a bit fitting with Anna. Even if you don't think you're having issues.

For years I used the same style of bit thinking it was a 'soft bit', which it is for most breeds but not baroque breeds.

Anna helped me understand why baroque horses need different bits and which ones would suit. Her knowledge and experience with different breeds, which have different anatomy and all the different brands and styles of bits is second to none.

I always learn an immense so much about horses mouths and bits every time Anna visits.

Anna is an integral part of my training schedule and I honestly don't know what I would do without her knowledge and experience

Belinda McDonnell,  Unique Equines.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Anna out to a few horses for dentals, and she has always been reliable, punctual, and demonstrated an excellent manner around her equine patients, as well as communicating fabulously with her clients.

After having several discussions with her and being impressed by her depth of knowledge and her practical, enquiring approach, I decided to book a bit fitting consultation with her for a horse who has several rather complex issues.

Annas assessment of the horse was extremely thorough, as was her approach in problem solving the issue. She did not hesitate to seek the advice of other professionals, and the extent to which Anna looked at the horse and situation in a way which was ‘outside of the square’, was truly impressive. Anna remained curious and questioning in all aspects; and at all times places the comfort and welfare of her equine patients as her absolute highest priority.

I cannot recommend Anna highly enough.

Hilary McGregor-Potter, Queensland

I contacted Anna about a bit fitting after Bodi had got quite strong on the cross country course. We tried a few different bits on him to work out which one would be most suitable to give me some more control. The very next day I had a show jumping clinic With Guy Creighton and Guy said he’d never seen Bodi jump so well and be so responsive. I’m grateful for Anna for taking the time to work out what would be suitable for Bodi.

Tara Fahy, Jimboomba

She was awesome! I was considering selling my pony until Anna came out to do his teeth and then asked to see his bit. He used to flick his head a lot but since she came he hasn’t done it once! Her dentistry and the new bit changed him over night! He’s now perfect! So grateful for her.

Natalie Surie, Mudgeereba

Anna was so helpful selecting a bit for my new horse and informing me why the bit I had been using was wrong. She explains the biodynamics of how a bit works.I have not met many people who understand bits and how they work as well as Anna- she has science to counteract urban myths on bit selection. My horse showed an improvement with the new bit on the first ride. Very happy client.

Andrea Hayward

Anna helped me find the right bit for my horse! Very helpful and knowledgeable! Great expertise and she even let me borrow a bit to try before I buy It’s so exciting to know that we have this amazing service in our area! Anyone who is struggling to find the right bit or even jsut wants some advice Anna is the right person to go to! Thank you Anna!

Emily russel

Anna’s expertise in bit fitting is unparalleled in Australia. I would highly recommend her to anyone from high performance riders to pleasure riders. She’ll help you and your horse find exactly what fits for your partnership!

Samantha Jane