I’m having some updates done across the site and as with most things one thing leads to another.

My contact forms are not working properly so whilst they are getting fixed if you coule either

Email me on annaminogue@hotmail.com

Call me on 0407689155

Or just hop onto my Facebook page and leave me a message https://www.facebook.com/thebitfitter/

I am asked regularly to attend Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, Trade Shows and other speaking engagements.

Interstate visits can also be arranged.

Talks can be designed to suit a particular audience (PC kids through to FEI riders)

They can include some of the following topics:

  • Anatomy and bitting
  • Basic snaffle bit overview
  • Measuring your horse
  • Fitting a bit
  • Bridle fitting
  • Bitless options
  • Mouth wounds and how to avoid them
  • How to choose a suitable bit

Workshops and Clinic days can be arranged with a talk, ridden bit fittings and stable bit fittings. See ‘Bit Fitting Options’ for information.