Find out how I can assist with a workshop.

I am asked regularly to attend Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, Trade Shows and other speaking engagements.

Interstate visits can also be arranged.

Workshops can be designed to suit a particular audience (PC kids through to FEI riders).

They can include some of the following topics:

  • Anatomy and bitting
  • Basic snaffle bit overview
  • Measuring your horse
  • Fitting a bit
  • Bridle fittings
  • Bitless options
  • Mouth wounds and how to avoid them
  • How to choose a suitable bit

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  • Introductions
  • Anatomy of the mouth
  • How to correctly fit a bit
  • How to measure your horse for a bit
  • How to measure and fit a bridle correctly
  • Nosebands and how to use them


  • Morning tea break
  • 10-12 (30 mins per horse)
  • With horse participants
  • Bridle and bit fit checking on the ground
  • Assess horses understanding of the bit
  • Short groundwork session


  • Discussion and lunch
  • Why choose a certain bit for your horse?
  • Different bit rings and what they do
  • Different mouthpieces and what they do


  • Ridden sessions (30 mins each)
  • Assessment of the horses bitting needs
  • Ride with telerein rein pressure gauge
  • Try on and ride in different bits as selected by Anna.


  • Conclusion
  • Question time


With horse $250 x4 spots available

Without horse* $100 x8 spots available

*Without horse participants are invited to watch and learn from the different bitting sessions and take part in the discussions.

However please note that I cannot give specific advice for your horse if I have not been able to assess it under saddle.

Workshops and Clinic days can be arranged with a talk, ridden bit fittings and stable bit fittings. See Bit Fitting Options for information.

I try and keep costs very minimal for Pony Club talks. I usually only charge a travel fee if I need to cover a large distance.

Discounts apply to group bookings. Please contact me for specific pricing by filling out the enquiry form.

Anna’s expertise in bit fitting is unparalleled in Australia. I would highly recommend her to anyone from high performance riders to pleasure riders. She’ll help you and your horse find exactly what fits for your partnership!

samantha jane