I’m having some updates done across the site and as with most things one thing leads to another.

My contact forms are not working properly so whilst they are getting fixed if you could either

Email me on annaminogue@hotmail.com

Call me on 0407689155

Or just hop onto my Facebook page and leave me a message https://www.facebook.com/thebitfitter/

I am not a large bitting retail shop, however, I can source bits for you.

I work with a range of different bits from companies including, but not limited to:

  • Trust
  • Neue Schule
  • Sprenger
  • Bomber
  • Beris
  • Stubben

I also have many budget-friendly options to try.

I am an independently trained bit fitter with the International College for Professional Bit Fitting Consultants.

I do not work for any bit manufacturer, nor am I a shop, therefore the advice you are given is unbiased.