Talks for Clubs and Groups

I am asked regularly to attend Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, Trade Shows and other speaking engagements.

Interstate visits can also be arranged.

Talks can be designed to suit a particular audience (PC kids through to FEI riders)

They can include some of the following topics

  • Anatomy and bitting
  • Basic snaffle bit overview
  • Measuring your horse
  • Fitting a bit
  • Bridle fitting
  • Bitless options
  • Mouth wounds and how to avoid them
  • How to choose a suitable bit

Workshops and Clinic days can be arranged with a talk, ridden bit fittings and stable bit fittings. See ‘Bit Fitting Options’ for information.

I try and keep costs very minimal for Pony Club talks. I usually only charge a travel fee if I need to cover a large distance.

Discounts apply to group bookings. Please contact me for specific pricing by filling out the enquiry form.


Dental services are also available.

I am fully qualified with the Australian Equine Dental Practice and have many years of experience under my belt.

For more information please head over to my dental website.

Prices for dentals are:

1 x horse @ $110 each (GST inc)
2 x horses @ $95 each (GST inc)

My appointments are limited to the South East Queensland area.  To book a dental appointment for your horse please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Sourcing Bits

I am not a large bitting retail shop, however I can source bits for you.

I work with a range of different bits from companies including, but not limited to:

  • Trust
  • Neue Schule
  • Sprenger
  • Bomber
  • Beris
  • Stubben

I also have many budget friendly options to try.

I am an independently trained  bit fitter with the International College for Professional Bit Fitting Consultants.

I do not work for any bit manufacturer, nor am I a shop, therefore the advice you are given is unbiased.

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