Sourcing Bits

I am not a large bitting retail shop, however, I can source bits for you. I work with a range of different bits from companies including, but not limited to: Trust Neue Schule Sprenger Bomber Beris Stubben I also have many budget-friendly options to try. I am an independently trained bit fitter with the International College for Professional Bit Fitting […] Continue Reading

Video: Basic pointers for a good bit fit – part 1

Some basic pointers for a good bit fit for your horse. Note that this is not a bridle fit demo. This bridle does not fit this pony, it is a demonstration of where the bit should sit in the mouth only! Join our mailing list today to receive the latest news on bit fitting. Thanks for watching.

Video: Commonly made bridle fitting mistakes

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Poll Pressure – as simple as we think?

The dutch ‘gag’ isn’t a gag at all. It’s actually a fairly badly designed, extremely popular bit. Many modern bit companies are no longer even making them.