About Anna

After 30 years of owning and riding horses, 15 years of Veterinary Nursing and a Qualified Equine Dentist since 2011, Anna developed her new passion “The Bit Fitter”.

Seeing countless horses with mouth wounds caused by bits, talking to frustrated riders and finding a lack of reliable information,  Anna decided something had to change! Her goal as a Bit Fitter is to help make horses more comfortable through the education of riders. 

She aims to teach an ethical approach to using bits and bridles, increasing comfort and performance. 

“I have discovered a huge disconnect in the horse world when it comes to bits. Much of the ‘knowledge’ out there is extremely outdated and often incorrect. The positive I take away from this, is that horse owners are always wanting to know more!”

Anna is the first Australian to undertake education at The International College for Professional Bit Fitting Consultants (ICPBC) in The Netherlands.

Having gained significant bit fitting experience overseas, she is eager to assist more horses and riders.

She has also undertaken education with The Society of Master Saddlers in the United Kingdom, Horse Bit Fit UK, Bombers bits, Neue Schule’s “The Academy” and others.

Unlike almost all other Bit Fitters, she does not work for a bitting company, nor is she a bit retailer so you will always get an unbiased opinion of the many brands she works with.

What my Clients are Saying …

Anna was so helpful selecting a bit for my new horse and informing me why the bit I had been using was wrong. She explains the biodynamics of how a bit works.I have not met many people who understand bits and how they work as well as Anna- she has science to counteract urban myths on bit selection. My horse showed an improvement with the new bit on the first ride. Very happy client.

Anna helped me find the right bit for my horse! Very helpful and knowledgeable! Great expertise and she even let me borrow a bit to try before I buy  it’s so exciting to know that we have this amazing service in our area! Anyone who is struggling to find the right bit or even jsut wants some advice Anna is the right person to go to! Thank you Anna!

Anna’s expertise in bit fitting is unparalleled in Australia. I would highly recommend her to anyone from high performance riders to pleasure riders. She’ll help you and your horse find exactly what fits for your partnership!

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