Finding and fitting the perfect bit for both you and your horse can be like one giant game of Tetris.

The Bit Fitter in Queensland helps fit all the pieces together.

Solving the puzzle one bit at a time

  • Do you have trouble with your horse accepting the contact?

  • Do you want to avoid spending $100s on a bit your horse might not like?

  • Or do you just want to make sure your horse is comfortable in his bridle?

Whatever your reasons for calling The Bit Fitter, you’ll get so much more than just a ‘bit fitting’ session.
Surprisingly, it’s never just about the bit.
The bit is part of a bigger picture – that of happiness and harmony between horse and rider.
And that picture can only be achieved when all the ‘bits’ of the puzzle are in place.

What bit should my horse be wearing ?

Hands up who’s ever asked this question, either to yourself or to a professional in the horse world?

And…there’s no quick answer.

Sure, the bit has to fit the horse correctly, but anatomy, biomechanics, training, genetics, and the role of the rider all play their part in achieving a beautiful, winning partnership.

I use a mixture of my experience and knowledge, and science and technology to work with riders all over Queensland and beyond, to help them find and fit the right bit for the horse and rider.


Bit fitting

Not just a measuring service, a bit fitting session goes way past choosing the correct size of bit. With a focus on horse welfare and how biomechanics, training, and rider involvement fit together, Anna can change the way you and your horse perform together immeasurably.

Equine dentistry

With over a decade under her belt as a qualified equine dentist, plus a vast knowledge of mouth health and anatomy, Anna provides a valuable service. Solving ridden issues and eating troubles in your horse is just one of the huge benefits a dental treatment can provide.


Anna is available for bit fitting talks and workshops for Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, tradeshows and more. Covering issues such as anatomy and bitting, bridle fittings, and mouth wounds, these informative and interesting talks are in hot demand!

Hi, I’m Anna

I’m an equine dentist and independent bit fitter with a focus firmly on horse welfare and ethical practices.

“I don’t just sell you a bit – I help you find a bit that your horse is happy and relaxed in and one that will allow your partnership to flourish."

Using a mix of my experience, science and technology, I help you find the right contact with your horse, leading to frustration-free training sessions and winning results.

But finding the right bit is not simply checking it fits.

I use my knowledge and training to study your horse, from his mouth right through to the tail. I look at the anatomy of his body, the balance of his hooves, and the way he holds himself. I may check the jaw balance and tongue attachments, the thoracic sling and pelvic alignment.

And while I’m not there to judge your riding, it does affect what’s going on in your hands, so I’ll have a little look at that, too.

Having me on the ground working through issues with you is like having ten professionals all supporting you at once.

Piecing all the bits of the puzzle together is how we find a bit that has you and your beautiful horse fulfilling your highest potential – and it might be a bit you already have gathering dust in your tack room!

Anna Minogue the bit fitter

Does your horse ever...?

  • Have mouth wounds
  • Block the contact
  • Drop the contact
  • Feel heavy in your hands
  • Ignore half halts
  • Run through the bit
  • Drop the bit
  • Not carry his head straight
  • Get in front/behind the bridle
  • Hang to one side
  • Not pick up the inside lead
  • Find it hard to track up/step across
  • Have overdeveloped muscle under the neck
  • Feel heavy on the forehand
  • Leave his tongue hanging out
  • Lean on the bit

Finding and fitting the correct bit can actually help with all of these common problems.

What’s involved in a bit fitting session?

1. We chat about your horse’s history, training, problems etc

2. I check out his teeth, mouth, head, neck, feet and body

3. I watch while you ride in your current bit and bridle

4. We change the bit to one I think your horse will like and test-ride it

5. I leave you with a new bit (or organise delivery of one), some valuable advice, and useful homework, depending on what we’ve uncovered in our session

What my clients say

"The extent to which Anna looked at the horse and situation in a way which was ‘outside of the square ’, was truly impressive. And at all times places the comfort and welfare of her equine patients as her absolute highest priority."

- Hillary McGregor

"I have not met many people who understand bits and how they work as well as Anna- she has science to counteract urban myths on bit selection."

- Andrea Hayward

"The very first combination of bits we used had my mare going softly and sweetly forward into the bridle! Highly recommend Anna for all your Equine Dentistry and bits!"

- Fran van Loendersloot

"If you have been wondering whether or not to invest in a bit fitting session, my it!!!"

- Jayde Constable

"Her dentistry and the new bit changed him over night! He’s now perfect! So grateful for her."

- Natalie Sainsbury

"Everyone should get this done with their horses to ensure the fit is correct and their horse is comfortable."

- Kait Thomas

"The things that we have never been able to achieve we did in 2 minutes. For your horse's sake - call The Bit Fitter."

- Kristen Fleet

"Thanks for a great experience finding a bit to make Ruben more comfy and trainable!"

- Melissa Forrest

"I have never felt him so good." - Rhiannon Dwane

"I really do believe you’ve already made a huge difference to my horse and our riding. The new bit feels so incredibly stable in her mouth and comfortable." 

- Hollie Dutton

"Anna is an integral part of my training schedule and I honestly don't know what I would do without her knowledge and experience." 

- Belinda McDonnell

"Probably one of the most qualified equine dentists as well as the only qualified bit fitter in Australia." 

- Vera Curry

"Anyone who is struggling to find the right bit or even just wants some advice Anna is the right person to go to!" 

- Emily Russell


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