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The Bit Fitter

Using science, experience, knowledge and the latest technology in bitting, I strive to help riders and horses improve their connection. In educating riders, I believe we can make a huge impact on horse welfare across the globe.

I am an Equine Dentist of many years experience and a Specialist Veterinary Nurse in my previous career. I have seen over 18,000 horse’s mouths over the years, so am very familiar with anatomy and how it effects bitting. I have seen hundreds of horses with wounds caused by bits and strive to educate riders to maximise the potential of their relationship with their horses.

I take an ethical approach to bitting the horse and rider, ensuring effective communication and performance through softness and acceptance of the bit. We all want our horses to be as happy and comfortable in their work as possible, a correct bit and bridle fit will help the rider avoid pinching, wounds, pain and discomfort. All of which will increase the bond, trust and performance between horse and rider.

I am based in South East Queensland, however I can often assistance remotely using video, or travel arrangements can be made for groups.

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I highly recommend Anna, she goes above and beyond to help solve any issues! Very thankful for all her help!

Anna was so helpful selecting a bit for my new horse and informing me why the bit I had been using was wrong. She explains the biodynamics of how a bit works.I have not met many people who understand bits and how they work as well as Anna- she has science to counteract urban myths on bit selection. My horse showed an improvement with the new bit on the first ride. Very happy client

Right from breaking in my horse had discomfort in his mouth for no apparent physical reason. We put it all down to his stubborn attitude and lack of work ethic. During his routine dental visit Anna suggested that we do a bit fit and ensure that we had picked the perfect size and style for him. What a great decision! After a detailed measuring session followed by a ride, a new bit was chosen. He now happily travels forward into the bit in flatwork and jumping without compromising brakes or steering. Wonderful solution for my soft mouthed horse, thanks Anna!